Goldman Hiring in ‘High Value’ areas – India, Salt Lake City…

written by James Wood on September 29, 2014 in News with no comments

Where is Goldman Sachs hiring? If you’ve been paying attention to presentations by CEO Lloyd Blankfein and COO Gary Cohn, you’ll already know the answer: Goldman Sachs is hiring in ‘high value locations.’ Where are these high value locations? Try Salt Lake City. But more than that, try Bangalore.

Goldman has around 1,800 people in Salt Lake City. That’s a lot of staff. But that’s nothing compared to Bangalore. Goldman reportedly already has 5,400 people in the Indian city, and it’s just declared its intention to invest $200m in a new campus that can hold up to 9,000 people in total. Will Goldman be making 3,600 new Indian hires then? Maybe, but it won’t be doing so for a while – the new building won’t be finished until 2018.